First photos of the new Honda CR-V

First photos of the new Honda CR-V

FineAuto has developed a render image of the future novelty based on spy photos of a prototype of the new Honda CR-V crossover.

So, judging by the presented render of the independent designer, the new crossover Honda CR-V will significantly change in the front end. The new items will have narrower headlights and an enlarged trapezoidal radiator grill. In this case, the head optics of the car will be united by an elongated strip.

The side section of the new Honda CR-V will receive a simpler design, made in the style of the latest models of the Japanese brand. The window between the pillars of the crossover has an upward curvature along the lower edge, which is a common design feature of Honda vehicles.

Overall, the new CR-V will be larger than its predecessor, which should result in more space inside. It is not yet clear when the new Honda CR-V may arrive. According to preliminary information, the crossover may debut in 2022, and will appear on the market in 2023.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the Honda CR-V from the FineAuto team:

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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