First photos of the successor to the VW Passat

First photos of the successor to the VW Passat


Volkswagen continues testing an all-electric sedan, which is believed to replace not only the four-door Passat, but also the Arteon liftback. We have at our disposal fresh spy shots in which the car can be viewed at close range.

Judging by the number, this is the same prototype that hunters for car novelties already came across last month. Its front part is originally disguised. The entire “radiator grille” is a sticker: there will be no “grill” in this place, just as the hatchback ID.3 and crossover ID.4 do not have one. The headlights are clearly trying to appear larger than they really will be, and the black pentagons on the sides of the bumper are mostly imitation: in reality there are only narrow slots through which the air is directed to the wheels.

The rear view unambiguously hints at the electrical nature of the tested car: it has no exhaust pipes, of course. The lanterns go to the trunk lid, but they do not have jumpers between themselves (as in the same ID.4). However, this is clearly still an early prototype, and in the final version, the rear lighting technology will almost certainly be different.

The electric sedan could receive an alphanumeric index that would directly indicate its belonging to the Volkswagen ID family, but there are rumors that instead of this the car will be given its own name – Aero B. her concept ID The 2018 Vizzion was built on the same MEB platform as the rest of the lineup. Accordingly, one can expect the appearance of rear- and all-wheel drive modifications with one and two electric motors and several options for batteries of different capacities. The premiere will take place no earlier than 2023.

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