First Reveal of Pininfarina’s New Hypercar – PF0!!

First Reveal of Pininfarina’s New Hypercar – PF0!!


I’m invited to get a sneak peak of the first ever produced and own branded Hypercar by Automobili Pininfarina – The PF0. I’m speaking to the CEO Michael Perschke and Head of Design Luca Borgogno.Follow me on:

and it’s gonna make the sound like an insect what’s up it’s supercar blondie I am here in California and behind me is the fastest Italian sports car ever made we’re about to have a sneak peek it’s also a hyper car with zero emissions or a mobili Pininfarina this is their own branded hyper car so you guys know Pininfarina it’s a massive name everyone knows them around the world they’ve been in business for over 80 years they’ve been designing cars for over 80 years closer to 90 years actually and when you see a Pininfarina it’s sleek it’s beautiful and it always costs the badge here somewhere on the side right so when you buy a car say for example a Ferrari or a Rolls and alpha some people want that extra special touch and they go to Pininfarina to actually completely redesign the body and you can actually see how different that is then on the roads so I actually wanted to introduce the CEO of Pininfarina automobile opinion Farina Michael’s is thanks for having us yesterday this is exciting can you first of all just tell us about the specs because everyone kind of wants to know right you’ve gone electric only electric what zero emission why why electric let’s talk about that you could go and do combustion engine like everybody else is doing right yeah but then where is your differentiation we had a white piece of paper we are not invested in legacy and heavy factories or engines or whatever so and we fully believe the future is zero emissions right okay and it’s simple you know the world goes for more sustainability do you think that people are ready for a hobbit hypercar like this to go fully electric I think we have to give credit where credit belongs and I think Elon Musk has proven but the world is getting ready for electric and I think you see so many car companies now investing heavily in TV you see China is taking a serious lead on vacation and we think we only spot left where Eevee hasn’t basically taken over yet this is super in bhai Picard segment and the super luxury segment yeah and probably because some people think that this generation of hyper car super car buyers are not ready for Yui we think reversely I think nobody’s offered it right and we got so tremendous feedback here and we started booking reservations here in Pebble Beach on Thursday yeah and we do a little road show and we think we’re sold out for North America by end of September Wow when you say you know people are ready for electric vehicles I think I have to agree with you you know there’s a completely new generation now growing up who will someday never even know that what a car used to sound like war you create new sound right which is around electric like you know the Tron movie yes you can even have sound as an option there but I’m not talking about artificial sunlight talking about a sound which is very different than a combustion engine sound like a spaceship yeah is this going to make sound is this going to have a special sound Siegfried you talk about it I know you’re teasing me though I’m trying yeah but when I mentioned completely silent because when you when you hear what you don’t hear a Tesla that’s the thing right it is not really silent but we want to be not completely so Bryan okay okay that’s good to know that’s so cool because you know when I was driving so I had an eye eight and one of the things that I really loved about it is hearing that electrics sound you’re really good at that I was gonna try and then I thought no it’s not gonna work it’s like as you take off and I felt like I was living in the future and how many people love Star Wars yeah I mean it’s ours or one of these futuristic movies or Tron or iRobot you look at Iron Man so there were already movie cars we were electric I first was Back to the Future right yeah exactly so I think we deserve to give up a turbine yeah we serve our clients to give them something special let us think about it we have a lot of ideas but I don’t want to spoil the Beatles spinster early so bringing together design engineering evey performance we package it yes we give clients twice the performance of a Formula One car twice you hear that so you see the Formula one cars they believe double that power in this car Wow and I think we need to talk about a special driving or pilot license because that beast is super fast right super fast means yoga limbs off and I if you’re flirting it’s two seconds Wow what speeding so you go like this so it’s going to be in two seconds what can you get up – yeah yes uh I mean I guess over is it over 100 kilometers an hour on 200 kilometres an hour in two seconds so when we talk about that that is literally hello how 800 correct so didn’t even finish the sentence the p1 yeah which so far is one of the fastest cars zero to 300 yeah takes 18 seconds Wow and you’re gonna get there in 12 so I think some ladies don’t need Botox anymore but just all wrinkles disappear some he was referring to you so really it probably saved money on the suppori talks over the years absolutely okay also the doors come into the side wing opening okay see Oh getting more more okay sighs okay so so do it again and it’s gonna make the sound that’s like an insect so it’s kind of like a a butterfly butterfly door okay all right so it makes it kind of a little bit easier to get in it because also part of a roof goes up so you can gently again we’re gonna have still a fairly good seat cushions so you’re not sitting in completely flat like a Formula one yeah yeah so we say it’s a happy GT crazy performance but most important and you have some of our sketches it’s gonna look stunning and beautiful oh I know I’ve already seen that price why it’s 2.5 million dollars Darla’s maximum we look at but for 2.5 million dollar you get a good package with carbon and lots of already personalization what do you think about the pricing future I mean this is another element right if you’re going to invest in a car like this because it’s not just about purchasing and kind of investing in something what can you tell people about this price and why it’s likely to increase in future like we said the free elements or four elements we believe make it a unique offering first purity of design and purity on emissions second beauty 88 years of design legacy and things like itches Italia we prove beauty third as a rarity and we talked about performance so what about rarity is not only 150 pieces but imagine you’re meeting just as an example Andy Warhol just before he this is his first painting and you don’t know if you get famous yeah now in our case is a little bit different we have proven to be already famous everyone knows your brand yeah you go down to Gooding auction just down the street 25 percent market share of Pininfarina branded design cars so and these cars all go up in value last night not our design but a Ferrari was sold for 44 million at the RM Sotheby’s we have a couple of Pininfarina branded and sighing car no-brainer but design cars been auctioning at double-digit million-dollar prices and the clients we receive here that might have certain front badges but they all said we love you design so imagine you meet any overhaul you know he’s gonna become famous because he’s already famous with the connoisseurs and now you have a chance to buy his very first painting well I wish you all the best of luck I don’t think you need it and I can’t wait to see the first car on the road we’re actually going to have a little look around a little bit more and get some more information for you guys Lucca I know we need to talk to you about this car I know the big reveal is only happening in Geneva next year we can reveal the back of the car my tiny bit we’re gonna I viewer discretion is advised first what I want to do is actually to work together with the client to make something that is 100 percent accepted by a client and he loves it because in the end if you back I like this you have to love it and is accepted by us as well so I mean the things together is the best way you know we find a compromise so the way to do it so if I ask for you know a chrome purple with yellow your carbon fiber you’re gonna say no that’s not I’m gonna say to you come to our design this line that goes across the whole front here there’s a light an LED I absolutely love that look so futuristic what was your thinking behind doing something like that first we want to give an image that is a 100% Pininfarina so we need to create something that shows on the oxide Dirac period on the outside the electrification that were using for this car so that’s showing the technology and then how does it show the technology like the battery but we love some communication of the batteries in other place definitely we will have some welcome messages that can be done from this front LED so that can you know they say introduce you to the car I’m not gonna say something anything more but these messages really yeah it’s gonna kind of talk to you in a subtle way not yeah not talk talk but she will do something he she they reveal so something something is happening where it’s going to communicate with you in a subtle way on the front and to kind of hint at the fact that it is a future it’s electric yes that’s a right all right don’t worry yeah I’m trying to get it out of you but you’re doing very well at holding and things back alright that’s it I hope you have enjoyed this sneak sneak review of automobile ii Pininfarina this is their own branded hyper car the first one in the world and it’s right here with us in California love you so much please like the video subscribe to my channel we have so so much more coming

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