Fisker is going to beat Tesla on the offroad

Fisker is going to beat Tesla on the offroad


CEO Fisker Henrik Fisker has published on Twitter an image of a special version of the not yet released electric Ocean. The crossover, which will compete with the Tesla Model Y, got a brutal body kit, big wheels and spare wheel, for which, according to the Fisker, I found “unusual” place.

Fisker did not specify exactly where he hid the spare wheel, promising to reveal details in the course of a month. In the teaser, published in social networks, tilt wheel located on the roof of the electric crossover. Among other differences, version for serious offroad from the usual models – underbody protection and extended wheel arches.


Fisker Ocean, the production of which will start at the end of the year, showed in Las Vegas in January. At the same time announced prices. For the electric car, is crammed with unusual features, like karaoke for the driver, the solar panel on the roof and “convertible mode”, will have to pay a minimum of 37.5 thousand dollars for a four-wheel drive version. The cost of top-end all-wheel drive option is not yet named. For comparison, Tesla Model Y costs 47 thousand dollars.

In addition, the “on paper” was faster Fisker Tesla Model Y: from a standstill to 100 kilometres per hour the crossover accelerates in 2.9 seconds, while Model Y is it required 3.7 seconds.

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