Fisker prepares his electric pickup

Fisker prepares his electric pickup


Henrik Fisker, founder of Fisker Automotive, previously posted on Twitter an image of the back of a Fisker Alaska truck, which was accompanied by the short caption “electric pickup truck”.

But, apparently, Fisker made a mistake, since the corresponding post was deleted shortly after publication. Then, the American company did not provide any information about the electric truck until today. So, on January 2, Fisker shared an image of a pickup truck, but this time not on Twitter, but on LinkedIn.

Judging by the image, the back of the truck is made in a rather aggressive style. At the same time, it is not known whether this is the same car as it was in the last picture on Twitter. In any case, Fisker noted that the model in the body of a pickup truck may appear, that is, the launch of the electric truck project is currently being discussed in the American company. And it is quite possible that in the end the pickup truck will go to the “series”.

We can assume that in the near future, electric pickups will become a trend, and as a result, every major automaker will try to enter this market segment. Recall that Fisker Automotive is an American company known for the release of the Fisker Karma, which was one of the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid electric cars. The premiere of this model took place in 2008.

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