Fisker returns to the game: the American manufacturer has revealed its plans

Fisker returns to the game: the American manufacturer has revealed its plans


Well-known designer and a tireless enthusiast electric business, Henrik Fisker has made another bold statement: in the period from 2023 to 2025-th years his company Fisker Inc. will release three models in addition to SUV Ocean, which should stand on the conveyor in the fourth quarter of 2022.

His promise to the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Fisker illustrated representation of the four machines, published in his personal Twitter account. Center in the foreground is the same “ocean”. Behind it – a pickup truck that Fisker already hinted this year. If you believe the earlier teaser, an electric truck will be called Alaska.

Big red sedan with a “butterfly wings” – a distressful EMotion concept, which debuted in early 2018 at CES in Las Vegas. To a certain extent he was the ideological heir of a hybrid Fisker Karma, which led to the bankruptcy of the previous company Fisker, but he still failed his Creator. In fact, orders for the model with a length of over 5 metres with a minimum price of 130 thousand dollars, the startup began collecting in the summer of 2017, but as its own plant from Fisker no, the timing of the organization of production all the time shifted, and then project and did hang in the air. Apparently, now they would give him another chance.


But the greatest interest in this picture it is sport blue crossover. As a minimum, because until now we haven’t heard a thing. According to the profile, it will be fully independent model with the original body, and not kupeobrazny version of “oceans”.

For the latest Fisker Inc. has already gathered 7 062 order with a Deposit. Interest in buying the model showed 30 277 people who have benefited from the application of the Fisker Flexee. In the future the same platform will be used for subscription service for electric vehicles of the brand.

Earlier this month, the startup has confirmed that the Fisker Ocean will be built on the platform of MEB Volkswagen. All the equipment for the other three models will also borrow from the world’s leading automakers and component suppliers. Do what exactly – will be announced in the coming months. At the same time Fisker should finally tell you who will collect all these electric cars.

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