Fisker will develop two new luxury electric cars in the UK

Fisker will develop two new luxury electric cars in the UK


The Fisker brand has yet to unveil a production version of its Ocean SUV to the world and has already committed to developing two new electric vehicles in the UK. These two new products will hit the market after Ocean and PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) and will be brought to life by the newly created Fisker Magic Works. While the Ocean and PEAR will be affordable high-volume EVs, the two new models will be much more expensive.

The Fisker Magic Works team leader is former Aston Martin engineer David King, who previously worked on the DB7 and in Aston Martin’s Q department. No other details are known about these models. It is unlikely that they will be manufactured in the UK, even though they are being developed there.

Fisker is currently working with Magna to get Ocean ready for production, which is expected to start in late 2022. The Ocean will retail from $ 37,500 in America before federal EV taxes and will be followed by PEAR 12 months after arrival. The price for this model should be asking for less than $ 30,000. It will be done with Foxconn.

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