Five BMW models will be deprived of the touch screen

Five BMW models will be deprived of the touch screen


BMW has announced that several models in the US will be temporarily sold without touchscreen media systems. The Bavarian brand was forced to simplify by a shortage of semiconductors, writes Car Throttle.

We are talking about five BMW models: the third and fourth series, as well as the X5, X6 and X7 crossovers. It is not known if such a measure will affect vehicles for other markets. In Europe, BMW dealerships have not yet announced such a decision.

BMW cars, of course, were not left completely without a central display. It’s just that the display does not have a touch response option, and control in the media system menu is carried out only using the iDrive controller on the central tunnel or thanks to voice control.

These BMW models without a touchscreen have been rolling off the production line since the beginning of this month, so the brand’s dealers have to call customers and discuss various options with them. In compensation, buyers are offered a $ 500 discount. How long “simplified” BMW cars will be produced, there is no information yet.

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