Five meters style: tuning the Toyota Century


Japanese tuning house Artisan Spirits has prepared a styling package for Sportsline Black Label Executive sedan Toyota Century, which is the official vehicle of the Imperial house of Japan. The car got a sports body kit made of carbon fiber, including two small spoilers.

As a result of improvements Toyota Century looks more aggressive and prosemite. The sedan has a set of removable elements, which are mounted on the original body, including the mouldings on bumpers and sills, as well as a few spoilers on the roof and on the trunk lid. Changed the wheel design.

In motion a five-meter sedan brings a hybrid system based on the V8 volume of 5.0 liters, which together with the electric motor develops 431 horsepower.


Have Century there is also a “charged” version of the sports division Gazoo Racing. From a standard saloon it is different sports bumper with enlarged Central air intake, grille and spoiler on the trunk lid.

In Japan, the Century model is the official car of the Imperial house. Have Century is a civilian version, which costs 19 600 000 yen (182 $ 100 at current exchange rate).

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