Five of the “unkilled”: the top most reliable SUV

Five of the “unkilled”: the top most reliable SUV


Experts of the German organization TUV ranked, which includes the most reliable crossovers in the age of 4-5 years, presented on the Ukrainian market.

Based on the experts data the most reliable budget crossover under the age of 5 years was the MitsUbishi ASX. Only 5.7% of the owners of such vehicles have reported failures during a short operation. Moreover, the average mileage in these cars was an impressive 71 thousand km, the Second place is the Japanese SUV the Toyota RAV4. At similar mileage, the percentage of failure for this model was slightly higher – 5.9 percent.


Closes the three leaders of another representative of the Japanese automobile industry – a model SUzUki SX4. This car failed in 6.3% of cases with average mileage to 62 thousand km On the fourth line of the rating was a compact crossover Mazda CX-5. About 7% of all cars in Germany had a malfunction during the run of 77 thousand kilometers.

Closes rating model Honda CR-V, which with the average mileage of 94 thousand km in service for the first 5 years of ownership was applied to 7.6% of owners of such machines. Note that among reliable 4-5 year old crossovers in the middle price range were no representatives of the European and Korean automobile industry.

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