Five systems that reduce the engine life of the car

Five systems that reduce the engine life of the car


The new powertrains are created with the aim to maximize the efficiency and environmental friendliness, and consumer characteristics are not much taken into account. In this connection decreases the reliability and life of the engine.

When choosing a machine it is important to consider this trend. There is a list of characteristics that in any case reduce the lifespan of your unit.

The first is to denote the reduction of the volume of the combustion chamber. This aspect reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. When this indicated the efficiency of the engine is provided by an increased compression ratio, which makes it possible to improve the combustion rate.

The compression ratio is limited by fuel characteristics and the materials from which mechanisms and piston. In the case where the compression ratio is increased by a third, the impact on the piston and moving parts grows twice. From this point of view in passenger cars optimum consumer properties are a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engines.


The second point will be denoted by the use of pistons with short skirts. The logic of company is very clear. The smaller the piston is, the easier it. And thanks to this solution it provides greater productivity and efficiency. Reducing the piston skirt and producing a decrease of the shoulder of the connecting rod, the automaker increases the load on the cylinder walls. At high speeds, this piston often breaks through the oil film and faces the metal cylinders. Naturally, this leads to wear.

The third position will be the use of turbochargers on small engines. Most often used turbocharging that uses exhaust gas energy to rotate the centripetal turbine. Temperature can reach 1,000 degrees. The more litre, the power unit – the greater the wear. Most often, the turbine comes to the unsuitability of the threshold of 100 thousand kilometers. The turbine can quickly incapacitate piston part, as the turbocharger will take the entire stock of motor oil.

Next is to say a lack of warming up the engine in sub-zero temperatures. Indeed, modern engines are able to start work without warming up thanks to the latest injection systems. When the temperature load on the parts is very greatly increased: the motor needs to pump the oil and to warm up at least five minutes. However, due to environmental requirements, the company lowered the recommendation. And the life of connecting rod-piston group is reduced.


The fifth thing we call a system of “start/stop”. It was developed by German car manufacturers for cutting off the idling at which the atmosphere leaves a lot of harmful substances. As soon as the machine speed drops to zero, the system disables the unit. The problem is that each engine is designed for a certain number of launches. Without this system for 20 years the motor will run, on average, 100 thousand times. With it – about 10 million. The more starts, the more is the development of the rubbing parts.

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