Flip by RAV4 (video)

Flip by RAV4 (video)


A video with a Toyota crossover appeared on the Web, which was unlucky to stumble upon a tire lost by a truck. The heavy tire sent the Toyota RAV4 flying, during which it did a somersault, after which, luckily for the driver, it landed on the wheels.

The incident took place in the US state of Indiana, and the video was filmed from a car driving in a neighboring lane. It shows a wheel bouncing off the front truck and rolling down the highway. Almost immediately after that, Toyota ran into him, the driver of which did not have time to react to the appearance of an unexpected obstacle.

As a result, the front of the RAV4 lifted, and then the stern was literally thrown into the air. The crossover turned over twice: once in flight and the second already on the asphalt, eventually getting on the wheels. Despite the somersaults made by the car, the woman behind the wheel barely suffered: she got out of the car on her own and complained only of a pain in her neck. She later confirmed that she was doing well.

The footage shows that the truck continued to go further without a tire. However, in order not to notice the loss, you do not have to be a truck driver: in March in California, a Hyundai Sonata was filmed, driving with a completely missing front tire, firing sparks from under the wheel. The driver of the Korean sedan looked absolutely unperturbed.

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