“Fly, Defender, fly”. Land Rover in the new bond movie

“Fly, Defender, fly”. Land Rover in the new bond movie


Marketers Land Rover are doing a wonderful service last Defender, drawing the model in the shoot coming out in the movie “No time to die”, a new story about James bond (the premiere is scheduled for April 2 of this year).

The formation of the image of the British superspy has always been associated with details that underscore its belonging to Britain. After all, the country he serves, even if it seems that it is only their desires. A large (or even huge) role in this formation belongs to the cars that do show us in the bond films.


“No time to die” is no exception, because there is “light up” from four quintessentially British cars: two Land Rover and two Range Rover. One of the new and old models of each brand that is very clever, because for the viewer, the screen shows the heritage of the brand, its history.

Brighter than all the “will make” Land Rover Defender the last generation, which has shown remarkable ability to overcome obstacles at speeds uncharacteristic for this type of car. In addition, to “fix an impression”, the five-door (i.e., 110 minutes) the defender does a rather spectacular somersault, after which – with a perfect reputation and a crumpled body continues the movement. Of course, the stunts, the cars were specially prepared. But it Defy, not created “from scratch” cars.

Words are superfluous, you need to watch.

In addition, “No time to die” we will also see the most productive on a today version of the Range Rover Sport SVR that is, c 5.0-liter compressor V8 to 575 HP and 700 Nm of torque. On the submitted photos, for the movie it will also teach you to fly. It seems that the movement through the air can become profitable for the brand tradition.

As for the already become classic instances, we show Land Rover Series III, Defender of the progenitor (produced until 1990), as well as the first generation Range Rover, called the Classic (on a conveyor belt lasted until 1996).

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