Flying machines: how real is it and how much will they cost?

Flying machines: how real is it and how much will they cost?


Today, the largest automakers are engaged in electrification, to which they are pushed by the impending bans on “dirty” fuel engines. However, in parallel, work continues on another transport of the future – flying cars. Experts from the British Pentagon Motor Group decided to estimate how much the aircrafts will cost when they go on mass sale.

Experts carried out calculations taking into account the price of various expensive items, including powerful jet engines and large-capacity fuel tanks. In addition, they added the approximate cost of folding wings or other structures that are retracted upon landing – although not all prototypes tested to date are equipped with them. In their calculations, they refer to a number of vehicles in development: AeroMobil, PAL-V, Aska, Moller Skycar 400, Terrafugia and SkyDrive.

As a result, it turned out that an individual flying vehicle would receive a considerable price tag on the market: it would cost $ 686,455. Thus, a car with wings will cost significantly more than the 1000-horsepower Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar, for which 551,000 are asked this year.

Marketing Director of Pentagon Motor Group Shaquille Hassian noted that the cost will be high only at the start of sales, since flying cars will essentially become a “showcase” of advanced technologies. Then the price will start to gradually decrease and, over time, will become acceptable for the majority, as has already happened with electric cars, and before them – with other technological innovations, he added.

The first year of ownership and regular operation will cost the owner an additional 69 thousand dollars. The price includes obtaining a flight license, insurance, payment for a special parking space and fuel.

In June, Hyundai said it would accelerate the pace of air transport development. According to the company’s plan, the first flying taxis of the South Korean brand can begin to operate at major US airports as early as 2025. Previously, the company called another tentative date – 2028.

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