Following the example of Tesla: VW to develop batteries

Following the example of Tesla: VW to develop batteries


The Volkswagen group has announced a major expansion of its U.S. plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It will produce electric cars for the North American market and, in particular, the crossover ID.4. Press release regarding the restructuring of the plant illustrated by a photograph of a serial crossover in minimal camouflage.

It is interesting that in Chattanooga at the plant will be built some high voltage laboratory, which will develop and test how the batteries for advanced electric vehicles and batteries.

Volkswagen clearly admitted that intends to develop the batteries, do not use in their battery ready solution suppliers. Earlier that went through Tesla.


Design your own batteries, however, does not mean that their release will not be given to a third party company. At least on the individual production of batteries in Tennessee in the release does not say a word.

But it says that the plant will expand technical center, which in future will be able to develop a unique model of Volkswagen electric cars specifically for North America.

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