Following the Porsche Macan will be a four-engine

Following the Porsche Macan will be a four-engine


In one of his technical articles Porsche said that it is working on four-engine electric drive, which on two engine more than Taycan.

Taycan Porsche Turbo S 2020 may be the most advanced electric car company, but it may not be for long. In one of his technical articles Porsche said that it is working on an electric four-wheel drive, two engine more than Taycan. This more potent powerplant must first appear in an SUV, not a sports car ultra-high class.


As Porsche explains, what makes a desirable transmission with four engines, not much more power, but more control. Each motor can be controlled individually and immediately, and not to rely solely on a fancy differentials and brake systems, which do not react as quickly or accurately. This is good for stability in inclement weather and to improve performance and manageability in dry weather. In fact, this is the system adjustable torque control. There is also the additional advantage that the time and volume of energy distribution can be fully controlled via the software and not to change physical parts, such as the aforementioned distinction. Porsche even said that he was able to fully calibrate and configure the system power management through a set of onboard sensors, which it already uses in their cars.

The question is how soon we will see a Porsche transmission with four engines in a production car. The fact that it is checked on the SUV, could be a clue. Will be a crossover variant Taycan Taycan conventional Cross Turismo that will appear in 2020, but most likely, he will continue to use the powertrain from the usual Taycan. Crossover Macan next generation will be fully electric, so it will look the most natural. It is expected that electric Macan will be launched in 2021, so this will be the earliest opportunity. Nevertheless, 2021 seems very soon to launch a more advanced and complex transmission. Porsche said that he received a system with four engines, calibrated for bad weather for two winters, but it’s probably just one part of a complete puzzle design. If the Macan is not a recipient of this transmission, the next logical choice would be the Cayenne, which is likely some time will not receive a new generation, as it was recently redesigned.

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