Foot massage: GM’s new patent

Foot massage: GM’s new patent


A new application published by the US Patent Office shows General Motors is interested in making cars that can massage the feet of passengers.

The Automotive Foot Massage System on Car Floor patent shows how small bags of air that can be filled or emptied can act as a foot massager when placed in the floor of a car. This is how most massage seats work, which is why the technology is not revolutionary. Foot massagers in cars aren’t necessarily new either.

The Audi A8 big sedan already offers this function. His tool requires the person in the back seat to lift their legs up and stand on a footrest that folds out of the back of the front passenger seat. In the case of the A8, this makes sense, since most owners drive with a personal driver.

However, the ability to massage the feet will be limited in a smaller vehicle in which the passenger seat can be occupied by a passenger. A smaller car, even a luxury model like the Cadillac CT5, may not use this system.

This also means that the feature can be offered to all passengers. Unlike Audi’s system, which is really only available to passengers in the rear, GM’s system can potentially be used anywhere. However, there is another reason why Audi’s system makes sense. Passenger footwells tend to get dirty, and massage pretty much requires people to take off their shoes. While Audi asks to put your feet in a place where dirty shoes never get. A new GM patent requires a car floor to be damn clean.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Audi A8 from the FineAuto team:

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