For “daughter” Volvo drew the drone, in which there is no place for a person

For “daughter” Volvo drew the drone, in which there is no place for a person


Designer Fabian breeze drew unmanned concept car specifically for Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo. The model is designed solely for the participation in the championship of drones Roborance – the cabin did not even have space for the driver.

The prototype was named in honor of 1K of the robot T-1000 from the second part of “Terminator”. Head optics made in the style of the Swedish brand, daytime running lights “Thor’s Hammer” and recognizable validatetree bars in the spirit of models Polestar Polestar 1 and 2.


Have cabin drone is there as a phenomenon, in its place is a transparent panel under which is an electric power plant. Power cables, by the way, in color and arrangement reminiscent of the production model Polestar.

According to the designer, the automobile is the villain who wants to destroy all people on the planet. In support of this concept on the back of the splitter caused the phrase #DeathToAllHumans (“death to all mankind”), and on one of the sketches is the signature of Humanity is F*cked – in the most censored version of this phrase can be translated as “mankind is doomed”.

Information about the power plant yet, as there is no clearly defined technical regulations of the races themselves. It is possible that the concept will borrow the engine from the serial version.

The race itself Roborace are still in the development stage, is engaged in the international Federation FIA. Competitions want to spend in the championship race electric Formula E, the first trial race already took place in the summer of 2019.

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