For Europe, Toyota will translate all of the models on “batteries”

For Europe, Toyota will translate all of the models on “batteries”

The management of the company Toyota has announced that it plans to focus on creating all-electric vehicles for the European markets. Now half of the company’s sales are hybrid models.

As told the publication Automotive News, the head of sales and marketing of the European branch of “Toyota” Matthew Harrison, the company has already reached its initial plan of electrification – exactly half of the sales now accounted for in a hybrid model. This means, he added, it was time for a new challenge – a full transition to electric propulsion.


In order to build sales of hybrids in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer has had to work on localization of production and lower costs through mass production. Now the task is more difficult – for electric vehicles will have to build a network of fast-charging stations, otherwise European buyers would not make sense to abandon the existing models.

In early July, Toyota announced that it will proceed to test the first in its line of electric cars with solar panels on the roof. Unlike a Prius with optional panels, the new product is able to add to the mileage of 56 kilometers, not only to recharge the auxiliary device. Photovoltaic panels placed not only on the roof of the car, but on the hood and the trunk lid.

For Europe, the shift towards electrification is not a new trend. For example, in mid-July, the British brand MINI has announced that after ten years, plans to completely abandon any modifications vehicles except electric. Given that the first electric car brand has been the interest that several times exceeded even the expectations of the company, European buyers are ready to increase the battery machines on the market.

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