For how much would you agree not to buy a car? Germans, for example, agree for €500


The authorities of the German city of Denzlingen in the Baden-Württemberg region have launched a program to encourage citizens to refuse a private car. In this settlement, they plan to reach climate neutrality not by 2050, but by 2035. So far, the local Climate Finance Program does not look very attractive. Here’s why.

According to the German website, if a citizen of the city of Denzlingen undertakes not to buy a new car and to register it for three years, he will receive one of three rewards: a subsidy for the purchase of an annual local transport pass in the amount of 500 euros (the pass costs 630 euros), a subsidy for the purchase of an e-bike in the amount of 500 euros or a coupon from the Denzlinger business network in the amount of 200 euros.

Local Mayor Markus Hollemann calls this funding package “an important first step towards a climate neutral municipality.”

In addition to the listed subsidies, bonuses in Denzlingen are received by citizens who register in car sharing, buyers of electric cargo bicycles, electric scooters and motorcycles. Citizens who prove their vehicles are powered by green energy also receive subsidies.

The mayor of the city himself, Markus Hollemann, continues to use a car, but he does not have an ordinary car, but an electric car. Since 2011, he prefers to ride not by car, but by electric scooter or bicycle.

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