For potatoes the “best” S-Class

For potatoes the “best” S-Class


Mercedes-Benz never produced a station wagon based on the S-class generation W126, but some of these machines have produced a third-party body shops. In otlichnom condition copy from Atelier Caro International from Hamburg was put up for sale by an American collector Stuart Parr.

Many foreign collectors consider the W126 is the best S-classes. W126 is considered a model of elegance in the Executive class, and even a station wagon, if he made good specialists, not ruining his posture. Instance from Hamburg Caro is one of those. It is made in 1990 on the basis of a sedan, the 560 SEL. After the completion of the conversion of the letter S in the model designation is replaced by T according to the original Mercedes tradition, and even specially molded nameplate used by the original font.

The website Stuart Parr Collection reports that during the manufacture of the machines master of the Hamburg Atelier tried to make maximum use of stock components. So, glass for rear doors, most likely borrowed, the utility version of the model W124. From her was probably taken the rear lights, but the very rear door and rear wings, doors and the roof of the tinsmith had to make that manually. The quality of work is very high, the conversion issues is that the characteristic kink belt line in the transition from the door to the stern – in the factory version of the body, if such existed, the fracture probably would not be.


The trunk is simply a rectangular shape, but the rear seat back piece, and fold it, apparently, impossible, and after all, the possibility of transformation of interior and transportation of oversized cargo – the main practical use of the station wagon. However, it is possible that the owner of this car the body rigidity was more important than practicality, and a rigid partition in the boot helped to keep the stiffness at a reasonable level.

It is not known how this made in Europe “the barn” was in America, but he is now in the collection of Stuart Parr, the famous designer, producer and fan of European cars and motoculture. On the odometer nearly 104 thousand kilometers that W126 can be considered youth – these machines are easily passed without major repairs half a million kilometers. Stock powertrain: a 5.6-liter V8 (279 HP, 430 Nm) paired with a 4-speed hydromechanical “automatic”. The price is not specified, the seller promises to inform its investigators upon request.

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