For sale a unique Ford Mustang COP with a shotgun

For sale a unique Ford Mustang COP with a shotgun


On the Mecum auction to be auctioned a rare special model of the Ford Mustang SSP, intended for law enforcement agencies in North America. Coupe 1989 has been preserved in its original appearance: for sale, sports car the police livery and signals the beginning of the 1990s, in the factory mount holding the shotgun that has the original radio and telephone.

The uniqueness of the particular Ford Mustang SSP is determined not only by the authentic condition and completeness: it is one of the 32 cars that were serving in the ranks of the Royal mounted police of Canada. In addition, sports car are allocated a five-speed manual transmission – in the most official “Mustang” in combination with five-liter V8 was installed 4-band “automatic”

Ford Mustang SSP ?- modified for the needs of American security forces version of the Mustang. Modification was produced in limited quantities for the police, border guards, FBI and the US air force. From 1979 to 1993 it was produced about 15 thousand cars, which were equipped with enhanced body and chassis, redesigned cooling system, extra generators, a precision speedometer and a full-sized spare wheel.


The value of an original Mustang SSP increases, since most of the machines were destroyed in the process of operation or have changed beyond recognition, in the hands of the racers and fans of drag racing after the completion of service in law enforcement. In confirmation of the Mustang SSP the seller is willing to provide documents showing the work in the police force Canada the province of Saskatchewan in the carriage the corporal brad Popovich.

Mecum auction house does not mention the starting price of the police “Mustang” with a shotgun. Auction will be held in mid-may, and yet want to have the opportunity to learn more about the unusual coupe.

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