For sale put up an SUV of the same “Dictator”

For sale put up an SUV of the same “Dictator”


In 2012, the film “The Dictator” was released, in which the main role of Admiral-General Haffaz Aladin was played by Sasha Baron Cohen – a British comedian, actor, writer, director and film producer. Dartz Motorz ​​has released a gold armored Prombron SUV based on the Hummer H2 specially for filming.

“His Excellency Admiral General Aladin has kindly granted his permission to Dartz Motorz, a luxury armored vehicle manufacturer and exclusive supplier to the government’s fleet, to produce a limited edition Prombron SUV. This proposal will not last long, as will the civil rights of the people of Wadia. ”

The press release of the Latvian brand begins in such a humorous manner.

A total of 10 special Prombrons were built, and today the last one is up for sale. Under the hood, it has a V-shaped “eight” with a capacity of up to 400 horsepower. The car also boasts a high level of ballistic protection Stanag 2. According to the developer, the colossus is capable of withstanding machine-gun fire (50 caliber) and explosions of hand grenades – all this the hero of the film affectionately called “love letters of his people”.

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