For sale put up the rarest and perfect BMW Alpina

For sale put up the rarest and perfect BMW Alpina


One of the rarest BMW E30 3 Series Coupe Alpina B6 2.7 appeared on eBay auction. A total of 67 such cars were built, and this car is 39 in a row, rolled off the assembly line. The mileage of the two-door, for which it is planned to gain 65 thousand euros, is 170 thousand kilometers.

In 1986, the car was sold new to Japan, but after a while it returned to Germany, where it is to this day. According to the seller, the coupe is in perfect condition: the body is rust-free, the engine does not require repairs, and the interior looks great.

The coupe is equipped with a 2.7-liter 210 horsepower engine. The car could reach a top speed of 225 kilometers per hour.

They want to get 65 thousand euros for the car. For comparison, in 2017 at RM Sotheby’s auction they sold 40 BMW Alpina B6 2.7 coupes for 52.2 thousand dollars. The mileage of the car was 35 thousand kilometers.

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