For sale super armored vehicle based on Ford F-450


On the online trading platform Collecting Cars, a modified Canadian Terradyne Gurkha armored car of the 2017 model was put up for sale. The special-purpose vehicle is built on the basis of the Ford Super Duty F-450 heavy pickup truck. For an armored vehicle capable of withstanding shelling from a Kalashnikov assault rifle and sniper rifles, they plan to bail out $ 150,000.

At the heart of the six-seater Terradyne Gurkha is the chassis from the Super Duty F-450 pickup. The SUV, developed by Canadian engineers, is used by law enforcement agencies in many European countries. The car is protected in class B4. Such armor protects mainly from street criminals, so only pistol bullets of 5.45-9 mm caliber can withstand. The armored car was additionally equipped with reinforced shock absorbers and a winch.

The armored vehicle is driven by a 6.7-liter V8 turbodiesel, the output of which is 335 horsepower. An automatic transmission works in tandem with the unit. The Terradyne Gurkha interior is made from a combination of genuine leather and Alcantara.

At the moment, the cost of an armored car with a mileage of 25,000 kilometers during the auction has reached $ 150,000.

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