For sale Suzuki Hayabusa record

For sale Suzuki Hayabusa record


Modified hyperbic that develops 650 “horses”, will be yours for 30 thousand pounds.

The world is full modified Busa, but the bike is definitely the king of the Falcon tribe. It has been modified by Mick Ellis from BDR Performance Engineering, and his wife Becky became the fastest woman on two wheels, showing 425 km/h in August 2014 at the former Elvington military airfield in the North of England. Prohibitive regimes are possible, in part, thanks to numerous upgrades, including a Garrett turbocharger GT35, higher-performance Bosch injectors and a modified gearbox.


Extreme Hayabusa looks not too provocative – American roads go its fellow with much more expressive looks and a long pendulum, but with the British champion beats rare tuning hyperbic.

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