For sale the rarest 54-year-old Lamborghini

For sale the rarest 54-year-old Lamborghini


A unique four-seater Lamborghini Islero of the 1967 model was put up for sale on the American online trading platform ClassicCars. The Italian specialists have built a total of 125 exclusive grand tourers, one of which used Ferruccio Lamborghini as a daily car. For a 54-year-old supercar with a mileage of 76,125 kilometers, the plan is to help out $ 304,995.

Lamborghini Islero was presented in 1968 at the Geneva Motor Show. In the four-seater supercar, which became the successor to the GT 400, the company’s specialists saw an opportunity to enter a new market segment. The bodywork was designed by Mario Marazzi of the legendary Carrozzeria Marazzi. Supervised the development directly by Ferruccio Lamborghini, who later used the Islero as a car for every day.

The design of the supercar features a rounded body, hidden headlights, and air intakes located under the front bumper. The four-seater coupe was equipped with a four-liter V12, the output of which was 325 horsepower. The unit was paired with a five-speed manual transmission. In addition, the Islero received a redesigned double wishbone suspension and disc brakes on all wheels.

Over the years of production, Italian engineers have built a total of 225 exclusive supercars, 70 of which were modified versions of the Islera S. According to the announcement, the copy available for purchase is one of the first supercars assembled by Lamborghini. For the rarest grand tourer with a mileage of 76,125 kilometers, the seller plans to help out $ 304,995.

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