For the glory of speed: new Rolls-Royce specials

For the glory of speed: new Rolls-Royce specials


The average car with the “Spirit of Ecstasy” on the hood will not turn the tongue ordinary – it is almost always exclusive. Nevertheless, Rolls-Royce often delights customers with special editions. This time we are talking about the Wraith and Dawn models performed by the Black Badge Landspeed Collection. The duo is dedicated to the legacy of George Aiston, who in the 30s of the XX century set several speed records on a Thunderbolt car with aircraft engines from a British company. Of course, the most important thing that the new products have to offer is the interior, decorated with many elements reminiscent of Lake Bonneville.

Cars received a two-tone color that combines Black Diamond Metallic with a special Bonneville Blue shade. In theory, it should resemble the sky above a salt lake, where records were set. Yellow elements – a reference to the labels, which were used to fix the speed in the 30s.

The LED pattern on the ceiling of the Wraith Landspeed CoupĂ© mimics the sky above the salt lake on September 16, 1938. Then Aiston set his last record – 575, 335 km / h. There are 2,117 stars in total – more than ever. Another feature is wooden inserts with Salt Flats engraving.

The silhouette of the Thunderbolt car, as well as the three major records of the Briton, are fixed on an aluminum panel between the seats. Alas, in 1946 the device burned out in a fire, but its 37-liter V12 engines (more than 2000 hp each) are still kept in the Royal Air Force Museum in London.

Unlike the mastermind car, the presented new items cannot boast of record performance. Despite the fact that V12 engines are also installed under the long hoods, their volume is much smaller – 6.6 liters. Recoil, as in the rest of the Black Badge series, is 632 hp. and 870 Nm for the coupe or 601 strength and 840 Newton meters for the convertible. The first will be released in 35 copies, the second – 25. All of them, of course, have been redeemed. Prices, as is usually the case, are not reported.

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