For the poor: new photos of Hyundai Stargazer

For the poor: new photos of Hyundai Stargazer


Last year Hyundai announced a new model in the compact van segment, which will be sold in the markets of poor countries. An official name has already been chosen for the car – it will be called Stargazer, which in English means “stargazer”.

A working prototype of Hyundai Stargazer was spotted on public roads in India the day before. Photos of the car were published in local media. It is not possible to understand how the new budget compact MPV “Hyundai” will look from them because of the dense camouflage. However, it is still possible to draw certain conclusions from the pictures.

“Stargizer” will be a regular one-box, which looks like a full-size Staria minivan.

In the front of the body of the novelty there will be a new-fashioned 2-tier optics, in which the low and high beam units will be located in the bumper on the sides of the air intakes, and in the usual place for the headlights there will be narrow strips of LED daytime running lights and dimensions.

As for the technical component, the Hyundai Stargazer should be a close relative of the new KIA Carens, presented at the end of 2021. Thus, the Seltos / Creta II stretched crossover platform will act as the architecture for the new Hyundai compact van.

The car interior will be made in a three-row layout with 7 or 8 seats, and will also provide ample opportunities for its transformation.

The exact timing of the release of the new Hyundai on sale has not yet been announced.

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