“For those who loves speed”: Human Horizons introduced the unusual concept H

“For those who loves speed”: Human Horizons introduced the unusual concept H

Chinese startup for the development of electric vehicles Human Horizons presented their first concept HiPhi 1, which was followed by no less interesting model H.

The concept H was created in order to surprise those who love speed. While Human Horizons, no details have been announced, but we know that it will be triple electric car with two seats in front and one seat behind. Human Horizons calls it a flexible extended structure of the chassis, perhaps implying that it is modular. The concept H will be equipped with a power unit 800 In and have a cruising range on one charge of 1000 km Battery can be fully charged in a quick way in 15 minutes.

The concept of H – one electric motor on each wheel, a total torque of 6000 N?M. And all four wheels turn, allowing the new product to move sideways. The electric car will have the active suspension, capable of functioning in milliseconds.

Human Horizons has issued several patents on the vehicle, such as A. C. C. I. S. or Advanced Steassis Steering Control Integration, which issued on Electromechanical movable cover aerodynamic wheels to prevent turbulence.

The Chinese company also received a patent RE.C.E.S.S. for the reconfigurable system of electric power steering in the cabin, the electric drive system, which allows the steering wheel to navigate to any of the three seats. In other words, the rear passenger can also lead the electric vehicle.

Also, the company has the patent of A. S. E. C. articulated landing system in the cabin that moves the part of the roof to ease access. And E. A. S. E. – a patent for an extended surreal electronic medium or large screen, which simulates any environment at the request of the driver and passengers.

Start-up also has a patent P. E. A. C. E. – Advanced PDLC Enclosure Cockpit Entry, which darkens the interior to make the interior more private, when the car is in Autonomous driving mode.

And finally, the brand owns the patent to A. F. I. R. M. on integration management and circulation of the air flow, which, apparently, is how developed the aerodynamics of the car with its diamond-shaped body and inlet and outlet air holes.

If Human Horizons will ever be able to implement the concept of H, it will be amazing.

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Human Horizons plans to start production of a crossover HiPhi 1. It will comfortably accommodates six people in three rows of seats, have a sensor 562 for future Autonomous drive, a length of 5.2 m, the motor capacity of 268 HP for the rear-wheel drive version or four-wheel drive with a power of 536 HP, battery with a capacity of 96 kW?h, cruising range on a single charge 640 km and the Autonomous control system of the 3rd level. The novelty will go on sale in the 2021 first in China and then in other markets.

Should I wait for something worthwhile from Human Horizons?