For vehicles and Yamaha introduced an extraordinary engine

For vehicles and Yamaha introduced an extraordinary engine


A Japanese company at the time had a hand in the development of engines for some car brands, continued the tradition.

Yamaha is not only the motorcycles and musical instruments. In the record of the engineers of the Japanese brand including participation in the project of a number of engines of Toyota, engines V6 and V8 for the Ford Taurus SHO sportsedan, as well as the development of the famous Assembly V8 volume of 4.4 l for machines Volvo. New creation Yakovlev is, according to the trends of the time, the electric motor and addressed it to cars and other vehicles.


So far, the development appears as a prototype, but the basic parameters are revealed. This synchronous induction motor with permanent magnets, developing from 35 to 200 kW, liquid or oil cooling. Yamaha motor will certainly appeal to automakers and, most likely, we will see it on motorcycles.

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