Ford announced the benefits of buying a new car

Ford announced the benefits of buying a new car


The American automaker has decided to support their current and future customers who purchase auto brand loan. Buyers of a new car may delay the first payment for 90 days.

Due to the fact that fear of coronaviruses every day covers the whole world, some automakers offer some financial support to its current and potential customers. For example, the American company Ford, or rather its special division of Ford Credit, which is engaged in the sale of cars on credit, released their press release, which referred to the possibility of payment of a new car. It was noted that the changes are aimed both current and future owners of Ford vehicles.


All the details such financial assistance is not reported, but in a press release on this issue Ford Credit reports that encourages people to directly contact the company to discuss “a potential delay of payments.”

To attract people to buy new Ford cars, the company offers the updated conditions under which it is possible to delay the first loan payment for 90 days for people.

“Ford is committed to helping people who rely on us,” said mark LaNeve, Ford’s Vice President of marketing, sales and service in the United States. “The tranquility of our clients Ford and Lincoln is our top priority, especially given the outbreak of coronavirus”.

Such conditions would apply for the loan?

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