Ford Bronco accumulate in stock

Ford Bronco accumulate in stock


According to American journalists, several thousand partially finished cars are “waiting” for semiconductor supplies.

More and more buyers are eager to have a brand new Ford Bronco in their garage. This would be good news for Ford were it not for the ongoing semiconductor shortages that regularly interfere with the automaker’s plans.

The company has found a way out of this situation – in order not to stop production, assembly shops produce partially finished cars and send them to a special parking lot in Michigan, which the locals called “ice mountain”.

It is easy to guess that in such a situation, brand customers who have left pre-orders for the SUV express their dissatisfaction. In particular, it is said that Ford does not keep its customers up to date – the brand simply remains silent about supply problems.

In addition, the automaker distributes ready-made cars in an interesting way. It was assumed that customers who pre-ordered would receive cars as they were ready on a first-come, first-served basis. However, Ford thought differently and distributed cars as follows: 50% of SUVs go to those who left pre-orders, 25% go to dealers, given their location, another 25% of cars go to dealerships, taking into account their sales.

In other words, only half of the cars are shipped directly to customers. The remaining cars are distributed among ordinary customers who simply managed to arrive at the salon on the eve of the delivery of SUVs. Thus, it is not uncommon for a client who came to a dealer to pick up a car from the warehouse faster than it was received by a person who left a pre-order back in 2020.

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