Ford Bronco – biggest hit 2020

Ford Bronco – biggest hit 2020


Despite the fact that the applications for the new generation of Bronco is already open, the supply of “living” machines, the concern Ford will start only in June 2021-th. Those who prefer not to buy a new car “photography”, and the first to touch it the dealer will have to endure much longer.

Representatives of the group said the publication Car&Driver that the activity of fans of the SUV exceeded all expectations: the abundance of pre-orders may cause some buyers will be forced to wait in their cars until 2022.

If the preliminary application is not issued, the waiting period will be even longer, as originally, all production capacity, Ford will be aimed at satisfying existing orders. It is curious that at this stage the application is just a kind of securing commitment: full contracts for cars on these lists of Ford dealers in the United States will be in December. And only after that each individual buyer know the approximate date of delivery.


How many “reservists” in the list Ford is now not specified. However, we know that the first batch of 3,500 SUVs in the performance of the First Edition was dismantled on request in just a few hours, and the company was forced to double the circulation. Prices on new Ford Bronco in USA begins with a mark of 28 $ 500 per trekhgornyy version and from 33 $ 200 for a five-door body.

By the way, the hype around the older model Ford Bronco Sport was much more modest. Orders for the crossover in advance Ford dealers will begin to execute before the end of summer and the first cars will appear in the buyers closer to winter.

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