Ford Bronco got aggressive wing extenders?

Ford Bronco got aggressive wing extenders?


The spotted prototype of the new generation of the Ford Bronco SUV was equipped with rather aggressive fenders.

Ford unveiled the 2021 Bronco (the sixth generation of the model) in July 2020, and despite this, camouflaged versions of the SUV are still popping up on the roads. The latest batch of spy shots show the Blue Oval testing some off-road accessories. Photos show 2- and 4-door Bronco models with fender flares never seen before.

Both designs are more aggressive than anything we’ve seen before, although the two-door Bronco wears the more powerful of the two fenders.

They are large, require a cutout for the fuel filler flap, which is not on the passenger side, and six visible attachment points that indicate that we have a serious SUV in front of us. The Bronco four-door fender flares are less aggressive, although they also require a cut-out for the fuel filler flap. The fenders of the four-door Bronco also cover some of the rear doors.

Ford has promised that it will offer over 150 different accessories at launch, including a wide selection of fenders. Some of these were reported in February – a wide variety of removable roofs, including fully and partially retractable vinyl, mesh and / or twill roofs. Mudguards, rock rails and an improved skid plate will also be available. Ford will also offer a drawer in the cargo area, a fixed rear boot lid and other interior items.

We will likely continue to see Bronco test vehicles over the next few months. The delay in production of the Bronco gives Ford more time to refine the SUV and its accessories.

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