Ford Bronco has roof problems

Ford Bronco has roof problems


The market debut of the revived Ford Bronco was preceded by a whole string of problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions. Now the deliveries have finally started, but the problems have not stopped haunting Bronco.

The first owners of the new Ford Bronco SUVs complain about problems with the roof: according to them, an extraneous honeycomb or snake pattern may appear on it. Moreover, this is a purely visual defect that does not manifest itself tactilely in any way. And that’s not the only problem.

Some car owners complain about headliners that separate from the roof panel. Also, raw edges fade, forming small cavities. Such gaps are clearly visible on the photos that got on the Web.

SUV owners are actively talking about their problems on the forums. One of those unlucky people ran into problems just three weeks after picking up the car.

Dissatisfied buyers complain to dealers. Whether the automaker itself is aware of customer claims for Bronco quality is not yet clear. There were no official statements on this matter. One of the users of the Bronco6G forum suggested that the problems are related to the quality of roof lamination.

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