Ford Bronco Raptor 100% and very soon

Ford Bronco Raptor 100% and very soon


Spy shots of the extreme Ford Bronco get leaked on the Web quite often, but there is still debate over whether it will be named Raptor or Warthog.

This question has now been answered as the 2022 Bronco Raptor has appeared in the Ford dealership ordering system. As noted by forum member Bronco6G, the Bronco Raptor will be offered with two different packages known as 373A and 374A.

The latter is more luxurious and comes with a heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charging and GPS navigation. Buyers will also find adaptive cruise control and a ten-speaker audio system. Little is known about the model at this point, but the Bronco Raptor will reportedly be available exclusively in a four-door configuration. It can also be offered with the exclusive Raptor Code Orange paint.

Although no engine is listed, the Bronco Raptor can be powered by the 400 hp 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine found on the Explorer ST.

In addition to the Bronco Raptor, the mysterious Bronco Everglades was discovered in the dealership ordering system.

Little is known about it, except that it will be offered with a unique exterior. As a reminder, the company announced several 2022 Bronco updates earlier this year. Among them is an updated color palette that includes Hot Pepper Red Metallic and Eruption Green Metallic.

The latter is marketed as “a modern interpretation of Mallard Green, which was used in the first generation Bronco models in the early to mid 1970s.”

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