Ford Bronco Raptor drove onto the roads

Ford Bronco Raptor drove onto the roads


Western publications have published photos of tests of a heavily camouflaged prototype Ford Bronco Raptor. The high-performance version of the SUV has received many additional elements to overcome the fierce off-road.

Ford found it difficult to hide the Bronco Raptor from spy photographers. Its boxy design is unmistakable, and no cladding can hide widened fender flares or increased ground clearance. This does not mean that Ford did not try to keep the design of its new product a secret. Camouflage has covered most of the SUV, including the front and rear fascia, but a new batch of spy close-ups gives us a clearer picture of the more powerful version of the SUV.

The photos show the SUV in the same camouflage as before, but closer photos allow a better view of the false grille, which looks rather familiar.

It looks like the “blue oval” will give the Bronco Raptor a huge FORD grille, just like the F-150 Raptor pickup. The grill holes for the letters “O” and “D” are clearly visible. They were present in the old “spy” pictures, although they were much more hidden. Photos also show a test car with BF Goodrich AT All-Terrain A / T tires on 17-inch wheels.

More powerful tires are just part of the Bronco Raptor makeover. The suspension has several unknown upgrades that increase ground clearance and widen the strut. We expect Ford to make some design changes to differentiate the more powerful version of the SUV from the other Bronco, but for now, camouflage is hiding them from our prying eyes. This test car also lacks a front bumper, but you shouldn’t expect that omission to make it to production.

Details of the engine for the Bronco Raptor remain unknown. The automaker has two strong choices – a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 or a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6. The larger F-150 Raptor engine produces 450 horsepower. We expect the Ford Bronco Raptor to appear in the 2023 model, although it is not yet clear when Ford will unveil this model.

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