Ford Bronco: sounds like a new legend!

Ford Bronco: sounds like a new legend!


Two weeks ago it was expected that the new generation of the iconic Ford Bronco will be fully declassified on 9 July. Meanwhile, the company decided to remind you about the upcoming premiere, and told about the next move debut: this time the key date is scheduled for July 13.

New teaser (it should be noted, very effective) shot like a “first person” SUV: the video demonstrates how Bronco travels in different – primarily back – roads, sometimes breaking into a controlled skid. Prairies, rocky terrain, forest, desert, mud, snow – there is, perhaps, the whole range of possible off-road entertainment.

Alternating scenery accompanied by the sound of six-cylinder engine, which can be considered a confirmation of the occurrence of such a motor in at least some trim levels of the Bronco. What kind of engine will be applied, not yet reported, but previously the main candidate for this role was called the 2.7-liter V6 with forced return in the area of 325 HP


However, Ford has two more opportunities. It’s a 290-horsepower aspirated volume of 3.3 l and the motor with twin turbo, for a displacement of 3.5 liters developing 375 HP However, the last option if to be applied in the motor scheme, the Bronco, most likely, on the hardcore version of the Raptor.

According to another version, the video involved a SUV not with a six-cylinder engine, and the Bronco with a very common 2.3-liter “turboservice” capacity of 270 HP anyway, two weeks later all secrets will be revealed and all the answers given.

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