Ford brought back “the Mustang” cult version of the Mach 1

Ford brought back “the Mustang” cult version of the Mach 1


This time without any electricity, but with the engine from the Mustang Bullitt and components from Shelby.

This is the first from the beginning of the two thousandth Ford Mustang to try the famous label, and the original version of the Mach 1, named after a threshold the speed of sound, appeared in 1968. With some assumptions Mustang Mach 1, declassified today, it is possible to consider only the fourth appearance of this modification in the history of the famous pony car.

And, it seems, after a storm of indignation fans about Mach E the company decided to improve. The appearance of the new sports car is replete with references to the very first “Blunder” from the graphics and stickers on the back to round holes in the grille. The current novelty they serve as air intakes, but the first Mustang Mach 1 such a form and location had elements in head optics.

But from the “hood” on the hood this time the coupe was delivered, replacing it with two more functional and almost invisible cracks. They are considered quite suitable for the air supply of the monumental five-liter V8, which for the Mach 1 borrowed another “historical” version of the sports car – Mustang Bullitt. And on it, the engine develops about 480 HP, but unlike the Bullitt for a Mach 1 buyers are available and 10-speed automatic.


Alternative auto box will be a 6-speed manual Tremec, which “borrowed” the Shelby GT350. Generally, different components for the Mach 1 have a more powerful and expensive coupe borrowed considerably from exhaust to suspension parts and cooling system, but technical details manufacturer is not yet divulge. To distinguish the new from other “Mustang” will be on the design of the bumpers, a different grille, wheel disks and orange brake calipers. And the surcharge for the coupe will offer a wide range of aerodynamic adornments.

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Ford is going to position the new car as a kind of transition element between a standard Road, including the Mustang GT and Shelby hardcore creations. It is assumed that the Mustang Mach 1 will be the most powerful sports car in the family of those that are focused on racing. It is already known that the novelty will appear almost all over the world: Ford plans to sell the sports car in half a hundred countries, but production and even the approximate price is not yet announced. It will happen closer to spring of next year.

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