Ford claims that the lifespan of drones will be only 4 years

Ford claims that the lifespan of drones will be only 4 years


Many believe that after the start of sales of fully Autonomous cars will greatly increase the demand for them and therefore, will fall on the usual transport control of the person. However, the American company Ford thinks otherwise.


The company explains that the lifespan of drones will be approximately 4 years. The company expects that strong demand for unmanned vehicles still would not use them in the first place will begin taxi service, delivery of various cargoes, car sharing and other companies.

According to the Director of Department for development of unmanned vehicles John rich, Autonomous vehicles are not going to stand in the Parking lot, they will be in constant motion, doing, for example, transportation. This will very quickly wear out. At this point Ford had already started development of a model of unmanned vehicles with the four-year life cycle.

However, while the average age of cars on U.S. roads increases. In early 2019 the figure was in the range of 11.8 years is the highest in the country since 2002. It is worth noting that the average age of cars according 2018 is 13.1 year, and in 2017 – 12.9 years.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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