Ford created sparsely the Mustangs with a record capacity

Ford created sparsely the Mustangs with a record capacity


Limited edition Mustang R-Spec is designed for Australians. From a normal coupe these cars differ 710-horsepower engine. Such power was achieved through the drive of the supercharger Roots with a volume of 2.65 liters.

Ford will release in Australia its most powerful car ever offered to the local clients dealers of American brand. We are talking about cars from the special limited series. A five-liter V8 engine here produces 710 horsepower and 827 Nm of torque. This impact required a redesign of the cooling system: Mustang R-Spec got another intercooler and radiator is larger.

In addition, the Australian division of Ford has modified the suspension with sport springs Ford Performance, which reduced ground clearance by 20 mm compared to the GT version, as well as adaptive mechanisms against MagneRide, which took the place of conventional shock absorbers, etc. as transmission Mustang R-Spec get only 6МКПП.


Externally, the “Mustang” limited edition can be recognized by the unique coloration of the body with contrast panels black color, differently decorated front, and alloy wheels Ford Performance at 19 inches, the exhaust system Herrod Performance and special stickers. Just plan to release 500 such vehicles.

Receiving orders for the novelty has already started. But the first deliveries of the Mustang R-Spec will begin no earlier than January 2020. New items valued at least 100 thousand Australian dollars.

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