Ford decided to send “unfinished” cars to dealers

Ford decided to send “unfinished” cars to dealers


The American concern Ford decided to send its new models to dealerships without chips, which are in short supply all over the world.

The Ford brand plans to send cars to dealerships waiting for semiconductors and related components. The concern sees the solution to the problem in the fact that dealers complete the assembly of foreign cars on their own as soon as the microcircuits appear.

This week the automaker started discussing this decision with dealers. Current plans, still to be finalized, will allow dealerships to opt out of receiving unfinished vehicles while their service technicians are trained to install the chips.

According to the foreign edition Auto News, dealers will be compensated for the time of their work for each car. Ford is seeking to unload car parks that are rapidly filling company-owned lots across the United States. It will also allow for the operation of assembly plants. Sending unfinished vehicles directly to dealerships will also allow them to reach customers faster.

“We are exploring a number of different options as we work to ensure that our customers and dealers can receive their new vehicles as soon as possible,” said a Ford spokesman.

Not all dealerships like this idea. Some have expressed concerns about shifting responsibility from Ford factories to dealerships. However, others welcome the move as it will allow them to place new vehicles on their lots.

At the end of April, Ford had 22,000 partially built cars waiting for chips. The automaker has been particularly hard hit by the crisis and expects it to cut production by 1.1 million units this year.

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