Ford Evos: a completely different Ford

Ford Evos: a completely different Ford


Ford has unveiled the new Evos crossover at the Shanghai Auto Show. The model received a custom design, a huge infotainment display, and the ability to update “over the air”.

The design of the Ford Evos combines both crossover and station wagon features. At the same time, the rear of the body is made in the style of a coupe. The novelty was equipped with a massive grille in the style of an Equator SUV, as well as narrow front optics with an LED strip along the hood. In addition, the car is equipped with retractable door handles in the style of an electric Mustang Mach-E and 19-inch wheels.

The main feature of the interior of Evos is an ultra-wide screen that combines a 27-inch multimedia system touchscreen and a 12-inch virtual instrument cluster into a single whole. The crossover has received Ford SYNC + 2.0 software with Baidu artificial intelligence technology, which the brand representatives called “personal virtual assistant.” This technology allows Evos to perform remote software updates without visiting a dealership.

Ford Evos became the first car of the company almost completely developed in China. There, specialists will set up serial production and sales of the model. Whether the crossover will appear outside the Middle Kingdom is still unknown. If that happens, the new crossover could replace the Mondeo in Europe and the Fusion in North America.

Technical characteristics, as well as the cost of new items in the company have not yet been disclosed. The Ford Evos range is expected to include a hybrid powertrain.

At the end of January, Ford unveiled the Equator, a seven-seater crossover, a new model for the Chinese market that turned out to be smaller and cheaper than the Explorer. Distinctive features of the novelty are a fashionable interior design with a minimum of physical keys, an expressive exterior with two-tier optics and a “passenger” front-wheel drive chassis.

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