Ford Fiesta is the mild hybrid

Ford Fiesta is the mild hybrid


Ford introduced the upgraded compact hatchback Fiesta which has received two new engines. The model has acquired power plants, operating on a “moderate hybrid”.

Technology was borrowed from a small crossover to the Ford Puma. The hatchback started to be offered with three-cylinder petrol turbo engine volume of 1 liter and a capacity of 125 and 155 horsepower.

The engines operate with 48-volt on-Board starter-generator, which stores energy during braking and provides additional thrust during acceleration. Ford noted that the new system will save up to 5% of fuel compared to the old motors.


In addition, 125-HP engine Ford Fiesta is available with seven-step “robot” with two clutches, replacing the six-speed “automatic”.

Finally, the Ford Fiesta will be offered with advanced information and entertainment complex with an updated interface, as well as with the adaptive cruise control system traffic sign recognition and function of remote start of the motor.

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