Ford finishes new F-150 in parking lot

Ford finishes new F-150 in parking lot


Ford is so committed to accelerating the next-generation Ford F-150 that it now installs seat belts and performs software checks in Parking lots in the United States.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the company was so eager to establish mass production that it began building the F-150 while the prototypes were still in service with test drivers. The built trucks are reportedly being stored in Parking lots outside the flat Rock Assembly plant, around the Detroit Metro airport.??and also in places like the Worlds of Fun amusement Park near Ford’s Claycomo Assembly plant, Missouri.

The decision to store cars in these locations, install seat belts and perform software checks, according to the Detroit Free Press, is not related to any personnel shortage due to the coronavirus. Instead, it seems the automaker just wanted to launch sales of the model as soon as possible.

An earlier report said that seat belts and upgrades are performed by non-Union members. In fact, workers at one of the factories near the F-150 storage site reported that their working hours had been reduced in recent weeks.

The head of Ford’s UAW division said the Union is trying to discuss the situation with the automaker.

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