Ford has found a way to fight dealer greed

Ford has found a way to fight dealer greed


The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup, which was unveiled in May 2021, was an instant hit in the North American market. In December last year, the company even had to suspend the acceptance of pre-orders, as it is necessary to work out a large number of those already received. Huge demand often spurs sellers into various tricks in order to get more profit, and in the case of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup, this is exactly what happened.

The fact is that enterprising Ford dealers in the United States began to charge those wishing to purchase the F-150 Lightning an additional amount, which supposedly will make it possible to speed up the receipt of the ordered pickup. Of course, not at the expense of the “kickback” of the company itself or the head of the production conveyor, but at the expense of other customers, who are simply told that the delivery time of the car is postponed, for example, due to a shortage of electrical components or traction batteries.

Ford, having learned about this practice from some dealers, decided to take some measures. In a letter that was sent to distributors, the company emphasized that such a business model is a blow to the reputation of the Ford Motor Company, which threatens with loss of loyalty and other consequences. The company was intimidated by the cancellation of deliveries to those dealerships that would be seen in such shenanigans with orders for the F-150 Lightning electric truck.

One of the interesting features of the contract for the supply of an electric pickup Ford F-150 Lightning, which is concluded between the dealership and the client: the latter undertakes not to resell the car within 1 year after purchase. Thus, the distributor can be sure that the demand for the model will not be affected by the “resellers”.

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