Ford has patented the technology for drying car seats


The system will measure the humidity and automatically adjust the climate control seats make it a comfortable temperature and dry.

Seats with heating and ventilation now in almost all new cars, but the Ford Corporation is going to make them better, new patented technology that determines the moisture content in the seat and properly regulating climate control.

In fact, the system is not much more complicated than a simple system seats with heating and ventilation. Inside Seating is a humidity sensor measuring the fluid. This is possible due to the fact, in the case of the chair there are a few permeable to liquid openings that allow liquid to seep into the sensor. Inside the seat even has a light sensor that indicates the presence of moisture in it. The chairs with climate-control are typically used in 2 separate systems.


Seats are heated through Parliament resistors, heating while passing an electric current through them and are cooled with a fan.

However, Ford is not the first automaker, which plans to revolutionise the heating and cooling seats. Some time ago, Tesla invented a new method, which allows you to heat and cool the seat.

Ford and Tesla are moving in the right direction? What’s next?

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