Ford has registered in the United States two unusual names

Ford has registered in the United States two unusual names

The concern Ford has two new sub-brand – Adrenaline and Badlands. We can assume that the “Blue oval” is preparing to release something very incendiary.

Strictly speaking, the word Adrenaline is not something fundamentally new with regard to Ford: in September last year, the company has already registered as trademarks in Mexico and Canada. Meanwhile, the Ford resource Authority found that Adrenaline appeared in the lists of the USPTO – and even not one. The second was a sub-brand is the word Badlands – “bad lands” or “wastelands”.

Official documents reveal very little information about what to prepare for Ford. Both trademarks are related to the category of “passenger cars, pickups and SUVs”. We can assume, for example, that Ford plan to release some new “hot” modification of available SUV or pickups, or plan something completely new – for example, sports a truck-based crossover Explorer.

It, by the way, Ford has already upgraded. Preparing to leave, according to rumors, and quite a few new pick-UPS – for example, a competitor of Jeep Gladiator on a platform of reviving the Ford Bronco cars and truck on “truck” Ford Focus.

Accordingly, the word Badlands can be used for particularly severe and hardcore modification of a pickup truck Bronco. She could compete with trained off-road versions of “Gladiator” from Jeep.

And on the other hand, this story could end up just anything. It often happens that manufacturers register a new trademark or sub-brand in order to avoid being taken by the competitors – or just in case.

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