Ford has revealed the electric crossover in the style of the Mustang

Ford has revealed the electric crossover in the style of the Mustang


Ford motor company has published pictures and video with the test prototypes of the electric crossover, which will receive the design in the style of Mustang. In addition, the manufacturer revealed some of the specifications and the date of the market debut of the model.

Sales of electric crossover Ford, inspired by the iconic “Mustang”, will begin in the fall of 2020. Claimed range of around 300 miles or 483 kilometers on the us EPA cycle test. Dynamics of overclocking is not given, but according to the manufacturer, “if you want to capture the true essence of a Mustang, you need to be very quick”. In addition, Ford has estimated operating costs over five years and I am sure that they will be 38 percent less than for the model Escape, also known under the name Kuga.


Part of an advertising campaign in support of the new electric cars will be a series of videos dedicated to the destruction of myths about battery cars. According to a study conducted by Ford, over 90 percent of respondents did not consider acceleration, to great advantage, and 80 percent would never take an electric car for a trip in difficult weather conditions. Finally, 65 percent of respondents would not risk to go in an electric car on the road.

In September 2018 Ford has revealed the first image of the electric crossover in the style of “Mustang”. According to him, the car will be copiously crossover with the lights from the ultimately the newest. According to preliminary information, the novelty can obtain the name of a Mustang Mach-E.

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